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A.R.Yngve (hopeless at relaxing before a camera)

A Work In Progress

I don't buy the theory that one must know all about an author, in order to "understand" her work. Also, I believe in privacy - and that vanity is a destructive influence.

Anyhow... I was born in Sweden. If I recall correctly, my earliest childhood ambitions were to work in comics, film or animation; it was from comic books that I first learned to read at the age of 4 or 5 years. (Writing came a few years later, in school.)

Since 1993, I have attempted to write novels and get them published in print. Most refusals have been of the "Not bad, but our schedule is full" variety, or even "Not obscure enough". That didn't deter me from writing, though - because friends, relatives and acquaintances who actually read my books enjoyed them. The dilemma eventually led to my decision to start an author website in March 1999.

From 1999 to 2009, I ran a homepage with the title "Read My Books For Free" - the concept being that in order to get published, I needed to build a following and get some feedback from readers.

The "Read My Books For Free" experiment ended in October 2009, when the accumulated mass of free reading samples became too large for any free website. Finally, I bought myself a domain name (aryngve.com) and started this official author website. (And about bloody time...)

So has all this effort paid off?

Well, so far I haven't been able to quit my day job, but I've gotten some stuff published here and there...

I'm convinced that genre writers should seek out new markets with growth potential for genre fiction - specifically India, Latin America and Asia. So far, three different Chinese SF/F magazines have printed my short stories. (I'm not satisfied with only those three, though...)

In 2004, the Swedish publisher Wela Fantasy discovered my novel TERRA HEXA through the "Read My Books For Free" website, and soon signed up to publish it. TERRA HEXA was released (in Swedish translation) in August 2004. (The sequel, TERRA HEXA II, was released in 2006, followed by TERRA HEXA 3 in 2007.) Even though I'm now starting to see some success in getting published, I still believe that electronic publishing will eventually replace print on paper.

In 2009, Norwegian state radio released a broadcast (and limited-time podcast) of my fantasy radio series "Magiens Arv" (="Heirs to the Magic").

I have since written other scripts for radio, TV and movies, and I'm still trying to sell them.

I found out that I enjoy writing comedy, so I've started to write more humorous novels - such as THE TIME IDIOT.

What next for me? I've become a parent, so now I'm also writing and drawing books for small children. Two have been published so far, to positive reviews. There will almost certainly be more.

To be continued...

-A.R.Yngve, Jan. 2014


If you wish to contact me about a freelance assignment, send an email with the title "Job Offer" to
If you'd like to see my resume, references and portfolio, just ask.

I accept work in the following areas:
- Scriptwriting
- Fiction Writing (Suspense, Humor, SF/Fantasy, Horror, other)
- Article/Copy Writing
- Illustration & Graphic Design
- Computer Game Design
- Translation (Swedish to English, English to Swedish)
- Editing & Proofreading (Swedish/English)