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DARC AGES, BOOK (first published as Web serial, 1999) - a book series by A.R.Yngve

Cover art from the Swedish editions (Wela, 2016)
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    David Archibald, a man from the 20th century, awakens from a frozen sleep. He finds himself transported 900 years into the future...

    It is a post-apocalyptic Earth, scarred by world wars and an ongoing Ice Age. Civilization has retreated into scattered, fortified city-states, where feudal lords and their knights rule.

    David finds his destiny: to upset this backward future and start a second Renaissance. He becomes an outcast on a mission, a singing savior... the unlikely hero called DARC.

    DARC AGES is an epic science-fiction adventure. It originally appeared as a Web serial on my first homepage in 1999. The novel has also been serialized in later homepage versions.

    Visit the official DARC AGES website (in English and Swedish): darcages.com


    DARC AGES is available in these formats:

    - Illustrated Kindle Edition, (in English) available at Amazon.com (released in April, May and June 2016).

    - The illustrated Swedish pocket and e-book edition in three parts, from publisher Wela (released in March 2016).

    OUT NOW (released January 2017): English paperback edition

    Reviews of DARC AGES

    "It's clever, well written and very entertaining. I think of classics like Mark Twain's A Yankee in King Arthur's Court and the sci-fi of the Strugatsky Brothers when I read Yngve's stories. [...] His own illustrations are a valuable addition and give the story an added dimension. [...] I greatly enjoyed the trilogy and would recommend it to anyone who likes good books."
    -DAST Magazine


    "This book was exciting from the start and the excitement kept up till the end.
    "Now that I have just finished reading Book One, I look forward to reading the next part, because I will definitely read on."
    -Havsdjupens Sal


    "Darc Ages is a rather lighthearted adventure story where David gets to know the new world, impress others with his knowledge and abilities, and in true heroic spirit tries to help the people who saved him.
    "You are drawn into the illusion that this is what the world would really look like after an apocalypse. That the world is strange, yet very familiar is also a strength."


    "Towards the end I get the most involved in the narrative, that's when it really feels like things are starting to happen, and I have come to know Darc and the other characters better. It bodes very well for the next book in the trilogy!"
    -Vargnatts Bokhylla

    "Anyhow this book is quite unlike anything I've read before, but it is readable and exciting. Very different, but in a good way."
    -Karolina Jonsson

    "I recommend you read it!"
    -Agnes Bokblogg

    "A readable, illustrated(!) and imaginatively narrated history. I got involved in the plot and want to follow the characters' fates further and get a broader picture of the futuristic scenario. Looking forward to the next installments in the series."
    -Åsa's Reviews, Goodreads

    "To read science fiction is thought-provoking, and this is a book series that I think YA readers can clearly enjoy."

    "This book was very exciting and captivating and therefore gets the rating 4 out of 5 stars."
    -Tickmicks Bokblogg

    "If YOU like science fiction you mustn't miss this trilogy! It made me want to read more science fiction."
    -Svenska Böcker

    "For something that belongs in several genres that usually don't interest me, it was very entertaining." (Rating: 4 stars out of 5)

    "Packed with all kinds of events. Small, big, bleak, bright, loving and cynical. All very well written."
    "I give it a nine and that's being hard on it."
    -Boker Bokblogg

    "The book was entertaining to read, and getting through it went very quickly. One thing I really liked about the book was the illustrations."

    "This was something entirely new for me and I think it's fun to try new genres, you might find nuggets! The Awakening is a readable and thrilling novel. "
    -Emmas Krypin

    Note to collectors: An aborted Xlibris edition of the novel is listed on Amazon.com, but it contains several text errors and only a few copies exist. There are also two previous CafePress editions, no longer in publication.

    DARC AGES (c)1993, 1995, 1999, 2000, 2016 A.R.Yngve

    Artwork by A.R.Yngve and (c) 1999-2009 A.R.Yngve. All rights reserved.