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THE FLATTERED PLANET and other stories (POD paperback, 2008) - by A.R.Yngve

  1. "Copyfighter"
  2. "The Battery Vanishes" (in the webzine Silverthought)
  3. "And Now a Word From Our Sponsor"

18 VERY SHORT STORIES... to make you laugh... to make you cry... to scare you sleepless.

THE FLATTERED PLANET contains stories previously published in China, Sweden and on the Internet, plus previously unpublished material.

NOTE TO COLLECTORS: This 2008 edition is out of print.


"More often than not these are dark stories and cruelty often lurks behind the corner. But it's funny. Maybe not laugh-out-loud funny, but rather more quiet grins and the occasional intellectual mocking laughter."

"All in all I found this collection well-written and entertaining, with both funny and frightening ingredients. It feels almost obligatory and redundant but has to be said: a rollercoaster."

Reviews of A.R.Yngve's other short-story collection THE FACE IN THE DOOR:

"I suggest this is one independently published book worth searching for on the net. I'm looking forward to more from this talented author."
-Clayton Bye, Gotta Write Network

"A collection well worth reading, by a competent short-story writer."

"In all the stories his English is excellent both from a linguistic and stylistic viewpoint. The story collection as a whole is well-balanced and well-written." (...) "Yngve is at his best when he writes short stories, The Face in the Door and Other Stories is heartily recommended!"
-Jan Ray, Enhorningen.net


I'm a Swedish writer & illustrator - author of the published book series TERRA HEXA (in Swedish, from publisher Wela), several short stories, comic-strips, and the NRK radio series "Magiens Arv" ("Heirs to the Magic", 2009).

I write in English and Swedish. My short fiction has been published in Sweden, England and China.

My goal is to become one of the most influential writers of the 21st century - or the next one.