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MAGIENS ARV (="HEIRS TO THE MAGIC") (NRK, 2009) - a radio series/podcast drama by A.R.Yngve

A Fantasy Adventure For All Ages

MAGIENS ARV (="Heirs to the Magic") is a fantasy adventure which takes place on another planet, in a distant future where magic exists. The two teenage heroes receive magical powers. Two renegade magicians train the teenagers to master their abilities, in order to defeat an evil magician king.

I wrote the radio series MAGIENS ARV (="Heirs to the Magic") on commission for Norwegian state broadcaster NRK. In the summer of 2009, MAGIENS ARV was released both as radio broadcast and a limited-time podcast on its own website (NOTE: the official site and free podcast were discontinued in December 2009).

For the official website, I created a gallery of artwork depicting the fantasy world, its locations and its characters. (I also made additional material, including a PC game and an interactive text adventure, which were not used.)

Listen to the complete radio series HERE




I'm a Swedish writer & illustrator - author of the published book series TERRA HEXA (in Swedish, from publisher Wela), several short stories, comic-strips, and the NRK radio series "Magiens Arv" ("Heirs to the Magic", 2009).

I write in English and Swedish. My short fiction has been published in Sweden, England and China.

My goal is to become one of the most influential writers of the 21st century - or the next one.