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MAGIENS ARV (="HEIRS TO THE MAGIC") (NRK, 2009) - a radio series/podcast drama by A.R.Yngve

A Fantasy Adventure For All Ages


MAGIENS ARV (="Heirs to the Magic") is a fantasy adventure which takes place on another planet, in a distant future where magic exists. The two teenage heroes receive magical powers. Two renegade magicians train the teenagers to master their abilities, in order to defeat an evil magician king.

I wrote the radio series MAGIENS ARV (="Heirs to the Magic") on commission for Norwegian state broadcaster NRK. In the summer of 2009, MAGIENS ARV was released both as radio broadcast and a limited-time podcast on its own website (NOTE: the official site and free podcast were discontinued in December 2009).

For the official website, I created a gallery of artwork depicting the fantasy world, its locations and its characters. (I also made additional material, including a PC game and an interactive text adventure, which were not used.)

Listen to the complete radio series HERE