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TERRA HEXA I, II, III (Book series for young adults, Swedish version published 2004-2014) - novels by A.R.Yngve

The TERRA HEXA series has been published in Sweden and is available in the SHOP.



Henna and Gala, two inseparable sisters, have grown up in a land where the sun never sets - literally.

Together with their friends, they set out on an expedition to the end of the world. Many, many adventures later, the intrepid explorers find their goal - and discover that their world is much larger than they ever imagined...

The TERRA HEXA series contains 3 books so far, all released in Sweden by Wela.

The first 3 books in the series have been re-released in 2014, with new cover art. Wela, the Swedish publisher's website

ATTENTION PUBLISHERS: The English version of TERRA HEXA is a book series in search of a publisher. Agents and publishers are welcome to contact the author A.R.Yngve (available on Facebook) and request the complete English manuscript TERRA HEXA for review.


Note to collectors: The Swedish edition of TERRA HEXA(2004) should not be confused with an aborted 1999/2000 English version from Xlibris Corp. The aborted Xlibris edition, though listed on Amazon.com, exists only in a handful of copies. It was discontinued by the author himself shortly after publication, and is NOT the definitive version of TERRA HEXA.


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TERRA HEXA (c)1998, 2000, 2003 A.R.Yngve
WOMAN WITHOUT VEIL (c)2001, 2002 A.R.Yngve
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The novels published on this Internet site are works of fiction. The characters and events described therein are fictitious. Any similarities to real persons, whether living or dead (or Ancestors) are incidental. However, should court charges of slandering real-life characters be raised against said works of fiction, the right to use them for satirical purpose will be used as defense. Please note that the characters in said novels are not intended as mouthpieces for the author A.R.Yngve; they do not share every opinion. No stereotyping based on gender, race or creed (or characteristics of extraterrestrials) is intended.

The novels ALIEN BEACH, DARC AGES and THE ARGUS PROJECT on this site are somewhat improved from earlier versions which previously appeared on the Internet (1999-2001). Spelling and grammar have been adjusted, but the stories and characters are unchanged.

Reviews of TERRA HEXA (Swedish 2004 edition):

Robert Andersson, in the Swedish magazine MITRANIA:
[...] "The beginning of the book consists of preparations for the expedition, and is happy-go-lucky, and perhaps not as thrilling as one would have wanted.

However, then TERRA HEXA evolves into a brilliant adventure novel which entertains those who have become blase. One almost thinks of Jules Verne." [...]

Pelle Magnusson, DAST Magazine #1/2005:
"This is said to be a fantasy novel for young people, but the fact is it works just as well to read it as a book for adults."

Lena Kjersen Edman, for Bibliotekstjanst(The Swedish Library Service):
(...) "The book's protagonists, the sisters Henna and Gala, Uncle Ingo and the brothers Mick and Rydel, have names which sound un-Swedish, and one senses that the author wants to reach an international market. It would not surprise me if he succeeds." [...]
"It [TERRA HEXA] is thoroughly thrilling, without being too scary for sensitive young readers."

Hilda Ekstedt (13 years old), for the Swedish magazine ICA-KURIREN:
(...) "The story is good and everything hangs together in a skillful way, it feels unreal in places though. But it is still a thrilling and good fantasy tale."

Tobias Andersson in the Swedish review blog Bokbloggen:
[...] "Terra Hexa never feels stagnant; things keep happening all the time and if you tend to get bored by long-winded descriptions, then this is the book for you.



I'm a Swedish writer & illustrator - author of the published book series TERRA HEXA (in Swedish, from publisher Wela), several short stories, comic-strips, and the NRK radio series "Magiens Arv" ("Heirs to the Magic", 2009).

I write in English and Swedish. My short fiction has been published in Sweden, England and China.