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  1. PARRY'S PROTOCOL (1993, Web serial on my old homepage in 1999)
  2. THE STRAW MAN (1996, unpublished)
  3. ALIEN BEACH(1997; Web serial on my old homepages in 1999-2000 and 2004-2005; self-published for Kindle in 2010)
  4. DARC AGES (first Web serial in 1999; self-published for Kindle in 2011)
  5. THE ARGUS PROJECT (2001; Web serial on my old homepages in 2000-2001 and 2004-2005, released on Amazon in 2016)
  6. ALIEN LAND (2001 to present, Web serial on my old homepage)
  7. WOMAN WITHOUT VEIL (2002, unpublished)
  8. REX OMEGA (2002, unpublished; NOTE: Written in Swedish)


  9. TERRA HEXA (1998, revised in 2004, published in 2004 by Wela Fantasy, Sweden). Listed in the Swedish librarians' official index of the best young-adult novels released in 2004.
    ISBN: 91-975151-2-4


  10. TERRA HEXA II (published in 2006 by Wela Fantasy, Sweden).
    ISBN: 91-975408-5-4


  11. TERRA HEXA 3 (published in 2007 by Wela Fantasy, Sweden).
    ISBN: 978-91-976740-3-4


  12. DARC AGES: CITY OF MASKS (2008; Web serial in 2007-2008 on my old homepage)


  13. SUPERMOBILEN="The Superphone" (published in 2011 by Wela Fantasy, Sweden).
    ISBN: 978-91-86081-24-9


  14. THE TIME IDIOT (2011; self-published for Kindle)


  15. BLOOD & SWINE (2012; self-published for Kindle)


  16. SAGOPYJAMASEN="The Fairytale Pajama" (published in 2012 by Wela Fantasy, Sweden).
    ISBN: 978-91-86081-47-8


  17. VAERNEN DEN FÖRDÖMDE="Vaernen the Damned" (published in 2012 by Wela Fantasy, Sweden).
    ISBN: 978-91-86081-48-5

    HUNDRA TUSEN PIRATER (A Hundred Thousand Pirates) By A.R.Yngve

  18. HUNDRA TUSEN PIRATER="A Hundred Thousand Pirates" (published in 2013 by Wela Fantasy, Sweden).
    ISBN: 978-91-86081-90-4
  19. DARC AGES By A.R.Yngve

  20.  DARC AGES - DE MÖRKA TIDEVARVEN Part I-III (trilogy, published in 2016 by Wela Fantasy, Sweden).
  21. MONSTER I MASSOR (children's book published in 2016 by Wela Fantasy, Sweden).
    ISBN: 978-91-87711-76-3




  1. "Grisham's World" (Published in The 12 Gauge Review #6, online & print edition)
  2. "RansomBay(tm)" (Published in ANOTHEREALM)
  3. "Custom Job" (Published in ANOTHEREALM)
  4. "I Feel Super, Thanks For Asking" (Published in ANOTHEREALM)
  5. "By the Nose" (Published in GATEWAY S-F, print edition)
  6. "The War" (Published in Swedish print magazine MITRANIA, #2 2004)
  7. "Sins Of Our Fathers" (First published in defunct Indian webzine ADBHUT)
    Also published in THE FIRST BEWILDERING STORIES ANTHOLOGY (Adventure Books of Seattle, 2006)


  8. "Physical Terror" (First published in defunct Indian webzine ADBHUT) Also published in small-press anthology SCHAKT 3: Kosmiskt Kaos Och Andra Katastrofer (Publisher: Kent Bjornsson, Sweden 2006.
    ISSN: 1653-0586)


  9. "The Face In the Door" (First published in CYBERPULP MAGAZINE, Fall Issue 2004)


  10. "K.C. And the Sunshine World" (First published in SIMULACRUM #7, November 2004)


  11. "Sniper, Viper..." (on my old homepage)
  12. "Godsmack" (on my old homepage)
  13. "Killed In the Ratings" (on my old homepage)
  14. "SEE" (in Chinese magazine SCIENCE FICTION STORY / KE HUAN, April 2005 issue.
    ISSN: 1671-7228)
    Also published in Swedish print magazine MITRANIA, #4 2005; originally published in SIMULACRUM #5, July 2004)


  15. "The Last Weblog Of Jonathan Lippincott" (on my old homepage)
  16. "Lonely Planets"(in April 1, 2005 issue of webzine REVOLUTION SF)
  17. "A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To Valhalla"(in May 2005 issue of webzine SURPRISING STORIES)


  18. "Telephone Conversations" (in Chinese magazine WORLD SF, June 2005 issue.
    Also published in Swedish print magazine MITRANIA, #3 2005


  19. "Landscape With Sententers" in small-press anthology SCHAKT 1: Mytiska Maskiner Och Andra Mardrommar (Publisher: Kent Bjornsson, Sweden 2005.
    ISSN: 1653-0586)


  20. "Nightmare Number Six"(in December 2005 issue of the paying webzine BYZARIUM)


  21. THE FACE IN THE DOOR AND OTHER STORIES (as paperback from CafePress and as e-book from Wela Fantasy, 2006)
    E-book ISBN: 91-975408-8-9
    Paperback ISBN: 978-82-997610-1-7


  22. "The Man Who Fell Out" (on my old homepage) Also published in small-press anthology SCHAKT 4: Kralande Cthulhu och Andra Bedragliga Blindskar (Publisher: Kent Bjornsson, Sweden 2007).
    ISSN: 1653-0586


  23. "The Club That Wouldn't Let Anyone In" (on my old homepage)
  24. "Natural Enemy" (on my old homepage)
  25. "Bad Egg" (on my old homepage)
  26. "Family Photo" (on my old homepage)
  27. "Copyfighter" (on my old homepage)
  28. "And Now a Word From Our Sponsor" (on my old homepage)
  29. "Racisticus" (in Swedish weblog SAJBERSPEJS)


  30. "Quadrillenium" in small-press anthology SCHAKT 5: Mardrommar i Midvintertid och Andra Morbiditeter (Publisher: Kent Bjornsson, Sweden 2007).
    ISSN: 1653-0586
    Also published in the U.S. e-zine M-BRANE SF, #6, July 2009


  31. "Super-Size Security" in Issue #2 of UK print magazine MURKY DEPTHS.
    ISSN: 1752-5586


  32. "A Man Called Mister Brown" - novella, serialized in paying webzine SPACEWESTERNS.COM.


  33. "Stupid!" in Chinese magazine SF KING.


  34. "Avagana" in Swedish anthology MASKINBLOD, published by Affront.


  35. "Historien om P" ("The Story of P") in Swedish anthology MASKINBLOD 2, published by Affront.

    1. DIETING FOR THE PEOPLE / DIETS ARE FOR DUMMIES - nonfiction (2003, unpublished)


    2. THE FATHER MACHINE - script for a motion picture (2004, unpublished)


    3. SUPERCELL (SUPERMOBILEN) - script for a TV series (2007, unpublished)


    4. "FEE FIE FOE FUM" - novella (2005, serialized on my old homepage)


    5. MAGIENS ARV ("Heirs to the Magic") - Norwegian radio series (broadcast and podcast by NRK in 2009)


    -A.R.Yngve (Bibliography updated Oct. 28, 2016)


The literary work published on this website is written solely by A.R.Yngve, its copyright holder by international law, and existed in printed form before appearing on the Internet. All works published here, and the properties thereof, are (c) A.R.Yngve, and may not legally be copied, sold or distributed outside this site without the permission of said author. However, according to the "fair use" principle, it is allowed to print out these webpages for your personal reading, as long as these are not copied and/or distributed to several other people.

ALIEN BEACH (c)1997, 1999 A.R.Yngve
ALIEN LAND (c)2001 A.R.Yngve
DARC AGES (c)1993, 1995, 1999, 2000 A.R.Yngve
PARRY'S PROTOCOL (c)1993, 1999 A.R.Yngve
TERRA HEXA (c)1998, 2000, 2003 A.R.Yngve
WOMAN WITHOUT VEIL (c)2001, 2002 A.R.Yngve
FEE FIE FOE FUM (c)2007 A.R.Yngve
Artwork by A.R.Yngve and (c) 1999-2007 A.R.Yngve. All rights reserved.

The novels published on this Internet site are works of fiction. The characters and events described therein are fictitious. Any similarities to real persons, whether living or dead (or Ancestors) are incidental. However, should court charges of slandering real-life characters be raised against said works of fiction, the right to use them for satirical purpose will be used as defense. Please note that the characters in said novels are not intended as mouthpieces for the author A.R.Yngve; they do not share every opinion. No stereotyping based on gender, race or creed (or characteristics of extraterrestrials) is intended.

The novels ALIEN BEACH, DARC AGES and THE ARGUS PROJECT on this site are somewhat improved from earlier versions which previously appeared on the Internet (1999-2001). Spelling and grammar have been adjusted, but the stories and characters are unchanged.


I'm a Swedish writer & illustrator - author of the published book series TERRA HEXA (in Swedish, from publisher Wela), several short stories, comic-strips, and the NRK radio series "Magiens Arv" ("Heirs to the Magic", 2009).

I write in English and Swedish. My short fiction has been published in Sweden, England and China.