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Samples of my own artwork.

Cover art for the Young Adult novel NIV� 13("Level 13") by KG Johansson, published by Wela Fantasy (Sweden).

Illustration for the story "Paternoster Blues," printed in the British magazine MURKY DEPTHS.

Cover and interior art for the illustrated children's book HUNDRA TUSEN PIRATER("A Hundred Thousand Pirates") by A.R.Yngve, published by Wela Fantasy (Sweden).

Cover art (based on Grant Wood's "American Gothic") for the short-story collection FRUKTANS FYSIK("Physical Terror") by A.R.Yngve, published by Wela Fantasy (Sweden).

Concept art for the website released with the radio/podcast series MAGIENS ARV("Heirs to the Magic") written by A.R.Yngve, produced and broadcast by NRK (Norway).

  1. "Swallow"
    Illustration for a webzine cover.

  2. "Super-Size Security"
    Illustration for my own short-short "Super-Size Security," printed in the British magazine MURKY DEPTHS.

  3. "The Quality of Mercy"
    Illustration for the short story "The Quality of Mercy," in British magazine MURKY DEPTHS.

  4. "Double-Mouth"
    Character art - one of many illustrations for the Web-serial/novel DARC AGES by A.R.Yngve.

  5. "The Flattered Planet"
    Discarded early version of the cover for THE FLATTERED PLANET, a collection of short-short stories by A.R.Yngve.

  6. "The Face In The Door"
    The cover page of THE FACE IN THE DOOR and Other Stories, a collection of previously published short stories by A.R.Yngve.


If you wish to contact me about a freelance assignment, send an email with the title "Job Offer" to
If you'd like to see my resum�, references and portfolio, just ask.

I accept work in the following areas:
- Scriptwriting
- Fiction Writing (Suspense, Humor, SF/Fantasy, Horror, other)
- Article/Copy Writing
- Illustration & Graphic Design
- Computer Game Design
- Translation (Swedish to English, English to Swedish)
- Editing & Proofreading (Swedish/English)

The literary work published on this website is written solely by A.R.Yngve, its copyright holder by international law, and existed in printed form before appearing on the Internet. All works published here, and the properties thereof, are (c) A.R.Yngve, and may not legally be copied, sold or distributed outside this site without the permission of said author. However, according to the "fair use" principle, it is allowed to print out these webpages for your personal reading, as long as these are not copied and/or distributed to several other people.

ALIEN BEACH (c)1997, 1999 A.R.Yngve
ALIEN LAND (c)2001 A.R.Yngve
DARC AGES (c)1993, 1995, 1999, 2000 A.R.Yngve
PARRY'S PROTOCOL (c)1993, 1999 A.R.Yngve
TERRA HEXA (c)1998, 2000, 2003 A.R.Yngve
WOMAN WITHOUT VEIL (c)2001, 2002 A.R.Yngve
FEE FIE FOE FUM (c)2007 A.R.Yngve
Artwork by A.R.Yngve and (c) 1999-2007 A.R.Yngve. All rights reserved.

The novels published on this Internet site are works of fiction. The characters and events described therein are fictitious. Any similarities to real persons, whether living or dead (or Ancestors) are incidental. However, should court charges of slandering real-life characters be raised against said works of fiction, the right to use them for satirical purpose will be used as defense. Please note that the characters in said novels are not intended as mouthpieces for the author A.R.Yngve; they do not share every opinion. No stereotyping based on gender, race or creed (or characteristics of extraterrestrials) is intended.

The novels ALIEN BEACH, DARC AGES and THE ARGUS PROJECT on this site are somewhat improved from earlier versions which previously appeared on the Internet (1999-2001). Spelling and grammar have been adjusted, but the stories and characters are unchanged.


I'm a Swedish writer & illustrator - author of the published book series TERRA HEXA (in Swedish, from publisher Wela), several short stories, comic-strips, and the NRK radio series "Magiens Arv" ("Heirs to the Magic", 2009).

I write in English and Swedish. My short fiction has been published in Sweden, England and China.

My goal is to become one of the most influential writers of the 21st century - or the next one.