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Game Designer
I have been making computer games (design and graphics) since the 1990s
- so many, in fact, that I have lost count of them.

I have also worked for several years in the computer games industry.
For Funcom I created the game concept that became the PC game
No Escape (Funcom, 2000).

Right now, I create "retro" computer games in my spare time (published through
Psytronik Software, UK), but I am thinking about returning to the games industry.

Sample screenshots from my games:

Psytronik Software promo video for my game collection SHOOT EM UP DESTRUCTION SET 3:

Commercially published game releases:

  1. No Escape (Funcom, 2000, listed as "Original idea/concept by")
  2. Archetype (Psytronik Software)
  3. Psyko Zone (Psytronik Software)
  4. The Last Amazon Trilogy (Psytronik Software)
  5. 1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs (Psytronik Software)
  6. Shoot Em Up Destruction Set (Psytronik Software)
  7. Shoot Em Up Destruction Set 2 (Psytronik Software)
  8. Shoot Em Up Destruction Set 3 (Psytronik Software)
  9. Shoot Em Up Destruction Set 4 (Psytronik Software)
  10. Precinct 20: Dead Strange (Psytronik Software)
  11. Zap Fight Trilogy (Psytronik Software)
  12. Captain Ishtar (Psytronik Software)

    Read more about my game projects on my Patreon page.