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(2011) - a novel by A.R.Yngve - Sample Chapters

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This is a work of fiction.
However: if the universe is infinite and every possibility comes true somewhere in it, then this is a piece of fact.


Palestine, 32 AD:

Prescott Walker is looking at the bearded face of Jesus, trying to comprehend what the man has just told him. But Prescott can't digest the meaning; something fails to click in his mind. All he can feel is the nagging anxiety of failure.

Jesus turns and walks into a narrow sandstone pass. Prescott hobbles after; his injured ankle slows him down.

"Wait!" Prescott shouts. "Where are you going?"

And Jesus says: "To find my way back to the true world in God's image."

Prescott does not perceive the words; all he can understand is that his savior is abandoning him. "You won't leave now! I'll... I'll..."

Prescott stumbles on a rock and falls. He hits his head and becomes groggy. As he staggers into an upright position, he tries to focus on Jesus - but the man has disappeared from his sight.

Prescott limps and hobbles to the pass. "Jesus! Wait for me! We'll turn this around!"

He comes to the other side of the pass, and sees the rocky, sun-baked desert. He cannot see a trace of Jesus.

"Come back!" he cries, and the cry echoes across the desolate landscape. "We'll skip the crucifixion if you want to..."

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